Hampstead Primary SchoolHampstead Primary School

Government of South Australia - Department for Education (DECD)

General Information

School Times:
08:30am: Supervision begins on the basketball court
08:40am: Classrooms open.
08:45am: School Commences.
10:40 - 11.00am: Recess.
12:40 - 12.50pm: Lunch in Classrooms.
12:50 - 1:20pm: Lunch Play Period.
3:05pm: Dismissal.
3:15pm: Yard supervision concludes.

Alternate Fridays - 9:00 am. (in the Performing Arts Centre) Parents and Caregivers are warmly welcomed.

Available Online and distributed every 2nd Thursday

School Excursions
Excursions can involve the children in cultural experiences such as music performances and theatre. Others focus on extending knowledge through visits to museums, science centres and other significant places. Each time your child goes on an excursion you will need to complete a consent form. This will be sent home by the teacher along with full details about the activity.

These activities normally come at a cost to you for transport and entry fees. We do our best to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and that ample time is given for payment to be made. We are always happy to offer instalment payments for larger amounts and we use various forms of subsidy whenever possible to reduce the cost.

School Incursions
At various times there may be performances or events held at school. If there is a cost involved, you will need to fill in consent forms for event. Free activities such as sports clinics are an integral part of the curriculum and no consent forms are required as all students will participate.

Becoming Involved
All parents are welcome and to be involved in the school.
There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer at Hampstead Primary School. These include:
• Listening to children read
• Supporting our kitchen and or garden program
• Becoming a Community Mentor
• Helping in the school library
• Joining Governing Council
• Supporting the Fundraising Committee
• Assisting with excursions
If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please collect a “Volunteer Information Pack” from the front office.

Governing Council
The Governing Council and is a representative body of parents and staff which works for the welfare of the whole school community. It is an important part of the school's decision making structure and has a significant role in the running of the school. Any parent is eligible to be nominated for election at the Annual Meeting which is held in late February or March.
The Council meets at 6:00pm at the school, twice per term on Monday evenings.
A free crèche is available during Governing Council meetings.