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Kitchen and Garden Program

Kitchen and Garden Program

Welcome to our School Kitchen Garden!

At Hampstead, we're growing more than just vegetables, we're cultivating young minds.

In our garden, you will see permaculture, food forests, biodiversity, aquaponics, native plants, worm farms and more! We have added shade structures and cold frames to support growth in all temperatures.

Students immerse themselves in the full journey from garden to kitchen. They plant and nurture a variety of fruits and vegetables, then bring their harvests into our kitchen to create delicious, healthy meals. They engage in every step of the process, learning about sustainability, nutrition and the magic of fresh, homegrown produce.

Through hands-on cooking experiences, students learn essential culinary skills, discover the importance of fresh ingredients, and develop a passion for nutritious eating. Our kitchen garden is a place where young chefs grow, cook, and savour the rewards of their hard work, all while fostering a deep connection to the food they eat and the environment around them.

The program draws from as many food cultures as possible and the opportunity for young people to share and learn about the food that they grow, prepare and enjoy with family at home, helps boost pride and build a better understanding of cultures.

Our program will also provide an alternate setting for reluctant learners, who's diverse learning needs often require a hands on approach to learning.

Join us as we inspire young chefs and gardeners to create nutritious meals and develop a lifelong love for cooking, gardening and sustainability!

Our kitchen also offers Breakfast club every morning from 8.20am- 8.40am.